Dear friends, right tonight, on Valentine’s Day, my short American tour has ended. As I had already said on this very special page, I have shared with my audience the song ‘Autumn’, which I have studied for this very special occasion, as, in my opinion, it is a wonderful love poem sung on an equally wonderful melody. To you instead, I will trust the verses that on Valentine’s Day, I wrote and sent to Veronica. Thanks for your patient attention.

Saint Valentine

Much I do not know of the Patron Saint of lovers,

but I am sure that up there in Heaven, cherished by God

for us he tells his prayers,

from the day you opened your heart to me,

and made me happy of a happiness that never will decay,

because you gave me, beautiful enchantress,

what human speech will not find the words to say.

You have loved me with a love made up of a few words,

you barely whispered,

a love that seems your portrait, the essence of your days,

while you spend your life, dedicating it to me, in every way!

One and a half decade and still here by my side you are,

and still you love me so far, and this you don’t regret!

And of your love tired I will never get!!!

So, on this special day, to you that walk with me on the same path,

I want to send, in an unusual way,

my best wishes for Valentine ’s Day.

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