Dear Friends,
Winter does not forgive, not even when it seems mild, like this year; that’s why this morning I woke up totally voiceless. Today it is a windy and quite cold day. Fortunately, as usual, there is music to lift our souls. Housebound, I have started surfing the net and I have fished out a very beautiful piece, bearing the signature of Bovio and De Curtis. Its title is ‘Autumn’ and it has been performed by many exceptional interpreters of the past century: Mario Del Monaco, Giuseppe Di Stefano and Beniamino Gigli, just to name some. Listening to these great performances, for some minutes, has made me forget everything. I have immediately downloaded the score and I have started learning it by heart. I have in mind to record it the soonest possible, but also, to perform it live, may be just on Valentine’s Day for all those who love, or love one another, if I can find a good orchestration, or if I can have one arranged in time. ‘Autumn’ is an extraordinary love song, where is sung a heartbreaking feeling because of distance. … A pain that, alas, I know very well… It will be a great pleasure for me to share with many of you the beauty of this composition and the emotions it can convey.

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