Given back to its rural landscape, that magic space dedicated to silence, has returned to the silence of the open countryside as of today.

It is even difficult to think of what has witnessed – of the alchemy it has spread all around – this valley among the rolling hills surrounding my little Lajatico: and yet, once transformed into theatrical space, has gathered, for the rehearsals and for the two performances, more than twenty-five thousand people coming from all over the world!
It has welcomed on its provisional stage with its scenes made of cultivated fields, some of the best musicians in business today, from the baton of Zubin Mehta – the greatest opera conductor in the world – to marvelous opera singers, instrumentalists and pop stars…

It seems a dream whose moral is that there is no impossible dream: the essential is to believe in it, pursuing it with passion, enthusiasm and determination. This is what have done all those who have contributed to the success of the tenth edition of the Teatro del Silenzio. A round figure that this year has been accompanied by other personal anniversaries: twenty years of “Con te partirò”, thirty years of strong collaboration and friendship with Carlo Bernini, companion of many musical adventures, when not at the piano, on stage, like for the concert of August 4th.

An affectionate and heartfelt thank you to my brother, Alberto Bocelli, to my wife Veronica, to Alberto and Ilaria Bartalini, to Vittorio Quattrone and his staff, to the Associazione Teatro del Silenzio, to the artistic, technical, logistic and organizational team, to the police, to the volunteers of the “Andrea Bocelli Foundation” (this year coming also from England Spain, and Unites States…In addition of course to the “family” volunteers: my sons, the tireless Charlotte and my nieces and nephews). A warm “thank you” goes to all the people in Lajatico, to my audience, and to the journalists, who have followed and publicized the events.
A deeply grateful thought, is for the great artists, who have accepted my invitation, thus welcoming the challenge of such an unusual stage. Thanks to the wonderful protagonists of August 2nd “Turandot”: Maestro Maestro Zubin Mehta, the director Marina Bianchi, the production designer Italo Grassi, the artists of the choir, the musicians of the “Maggio Fiorentino” and the marvelous voice cast: Elena Pankratova, Alexander Tsymbaliuk, Maria Katzarava, Germán Olvera, Pablo García López, Roberto Covatta, Javier Agullò…

I would like to thank with equal warmth my dear friends and colleagues who have been the stars of the concert of August 4th: David Bryan, the 2CELLOS, Elisa, Michael Ghegan, Beverley Knight, Gianna Nannini, Vittorio Sgarbi, Renato Zero, and all those who have contributed to make that evening of celebration a memorable one.
A joy that is shared is a double joy: my most heartfelt thanks for this dream that once more has turned into reality.


Andrea Bocelli

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