Dear diary,

I am about to leave once again, this time for Asia; many hours of flight, two concerts and then I will fly back to Italy, just in time to rush to Milan for the great opening concert of the Expo.

It is a very intense period of work: a few days ago I finished the recording of Aida which took place in Florence from the 11th to the 15th included, under the direction of Maestro Mehta. Then I returned home to complete the recording of an album that I find really extraordinary, first of all because of the choice of songs, and secondly for the beauty of the arrangements, and last, but certainly not least, for the technical quality of the recordings, increasingly accurate and technologically advanced.

 Let me say, therefore, that music continues to fill my days, and I cannot but thank Heaven for this.

Dear diary and dear you all who will have the goodness to read these few lines, I feel I should be scolded for my guilty discontinuity, but I promise to get back to writing very soon, may be immediately after the event of the 30th, that for my peace of mind will be broadcast worldwide, to tell you some of the things that cannot be perceived on television.

  Before leaving you my dear diary, I would like to tell you that in the past days I have had to deal with a nagging sore throat, and that almost all the rest of my family has been affected by this problem. Phew!

The dry air of the airplane certainly will not help me, but there is little to do: in a few hours we will leave and on our arrival we will see.

I am leaving you with the promise to return very soon, to tell you something more about the songs of the album that I have just finished. I am sure that it will be a real surprise, also for those who know my voice well, because this time I dared and I have done it willingly, to give my contribution to masterpieces that until some time ago I would have not thought I could deal with.

See you soon.


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