Sometimes I wonder where we will end up.

No doubt, the powerful communication devices are more and more efficient, amazing and essential; they help connecting people, reducing distances and this is simply miraculous. Unfortunately, at the same time, they create distance between the ones that are close, living under the same roof, traveling in the same car or in the same train wagon, sitting in the same waiting room or in the same bus stop.

Everybody today constantly handle an electronic devise, compulsively reading or typing and completely absorbed by the medium, which allows to communicate with the other side of the world, to experience a virtual life. But all this fatally and sadly distracts us from people sitting or walking next to us.

“Man is the measure of all things; of what is, that it is; of what is not, that it is not.” the sophists warned; and they were right.

Man freely decides what is right and what is wrong, what is excessive and what is too little, but to make smart and appropriate decisions he should not renounce to observe and reflect.

Some time ago, I was traveling to the airport.

We were five in the car. Killing time, I thought to tell my fellow travelers what happened to me few days before, but just when I was about to start, I noticed that they were all talking on the phone. What a disappointment! I gave up the story and I took the phone myself. I called a friend to tell to him, who was far away, the story of a paradox of our time:

“Five people” I said “all in the same car, and we are all talking on the phone. Does it seem normal to you?”

From that day, I decided to enforce the law prohibiting the use of mobile phones to those who drive my car; at least there will always be someone available to chat!

But man is the measure of all things…he makes mistakes to learn and he learns to make his life better. At the end, he understands that it is much better to use its blades, more and more sharp, to heal rather than to hurt. On this purpose, our electronic devices become unmissable opportunities.

There are moments, for instance, when you feel lonely, nights when you can’t sleep and worries overcome optimism. Other moments, at the opposite, your soul is filled with good feelings, positive energy and they urge you to communicate.

In all these occasions, the modern devices, the pc above all, which allow to reset the distances and make your voice hearable from the other side of the world, became, all at once, the most extraordinary human achievement.

In a second, my words will fly and instantly reach all those among you who are willing to read them.

Who would have believed in a similar miracle, just until few decades ago? How many more miracles we will witness shortly?

How can we doubt miracles, if is the man himself who perform them?

I want to thank from my heart all those who will have the desire and the patience to read these pages. They are, in a way, my thank you, my virtual handshake to each of you, my small, modest contribution to the research of the harmony that we all need so badly. Even if no one can change the world from himself, we can all be in harmony with it, we can all improve it.

Andrea Bocelli

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