Dear Friends all over the world, also this year, God willing, we are close to Christmas season. To all those who are reading, to those who have the kindness to listen to my music and share the challenges of the Foundation that bears my name, I would like to send my sincere gratitude and the most heartfelt and affectionate wishes for a Merry Christmas …An end of the year full of love and of new projects, waiting for the new calendar: a special year (that not by chance Pope Francesco has dedicated to Mercy) and that I hope with the whole of my heart, will be full of joy, goodness and satisfaction for all of you.

While thanking the staff, the volunteers and the ABF supporters (who by now are very many all around the world), I am pleased to inform you that a delegation of friends of the Foundation has recently been to Haiti, to see, firsthand, how the philanthropic projects that, thank to you, we are carrying on, become education and health, in the real hope of a better future for thousands of children, and for entire communities.

Together with Veronica, my kids and all my family we would like to wish you a peaceful, intimate, wonderful Christmas, through a song, a small gift, (words blossomed thanks to music) wishing you all the best. We have thought of “La vita è bella”, because it is a beautiful melody and offers a simple but crucial statement. Because, it is worth remembering, every day, with the rising of the sun, that life is a marvelous gift.

Besides – you will allow me this paternal tenderness – during a recent TV special dedicated to my new CD, “Cinema”, my little Virginia, three and a half years old, has, for the first time in her life, performed on stage, joining the chorus and singing this joyful, auspicious song.

Merry Christmas!
Andrea Bocelli

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