It is late at night and I am here in the silence of my room, while my thoughts are wandering without any limit of space or time, through the moments I want to store in the rooms of my mind, so that my heart can feed on them every time it feels the need. So I take my little Pc and write. I am addressing these few lines, to all those who from everywhere in the world, on the days of Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th have done of my small country village a fantastic place where, as in a wonderful utopia, men and women different under every aspect have lived together, first in the streets of the village then, in the few public places, trying to communicate with gestures, or through a halting English like mine, or in different languages, smiling at each other, shaking hands, recognizing each other after a year’s time, and then elbow to elbow breathing all together the air of the countryside and even more that strange almost surreal atmosphere that the Teatro Del Silenzio offers to each of us, from the setting of the sun until the last note of the concert; until silence, once again, gets hold of the place . Thanks to all of you who have made this possible. Thanks to you, who once again, have believed in this idea, insane and yet full of charm, incredible but true, as daring as suggestive… Thank you for honoring with your presence, these places where I was born and raised and where I cannot help getting back as soon as I can, where my roots are, where they speak with my accent, of my father and of many others like him who have helped me to grow, and then have left us. I like to imagine them all like this: all together forming another public; an audience that is watching us smiling with its heart full of joy, applauding this meeting of people that is becoming every year that passes, more and more a meeting of souls. I love the idea to have invited you all to my house, with my poor voice, and that as soon as you have arrived you have fallen in love with our green hills, with the bell towers of our many villages that exude history…. I know the sacrifices you have made to get up there to Lajatico, and I also know, one by one, all the things that could and should have been better , but there is nothing perfect in this world, and imagine if an event like this, so out of the ordinary, might have been perfect. I bear in my heart the sound of your voices, the roar of your generous applauding, the way you have shaken my hand trying to make me feel all the gratitude that cannot be explained with words. Thanks to you this annual Teatro del Silenzio, has become increasingly followed, up to the point that this year for the first time, in a fairly concrete way, we have been able to program next year event a year in advance. This idea is so important and daring, that I am even sorry to reveal it, because I would really like it to remain a surprise. But I do not think I will be able keep it secret any more the moment all the people involved will have written down their intentions, with a few black lines on a white sheet, thus giving them shape and substance. If all goes the way I hope, the one of next year will be a new organizational challenge, a new incredible artistic target. Let us hope that once again, as it has always happened so far, luck, or better our good Lord helps those who dare and that above all the weather conditions help us, but this is really the big variable that nobody can control. Andrea

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