These are difficult days, fraught with tension, concerns, but also full of resolutions. In this climate I have decided to release a TV interview on my personal spiritual path; the path that has led me to believe in the One who made the world. I know, through my personal experience, that this confidence, this belief, which is the result of a normal way of reasoning, can result very easily into hope, peace, and prosperity. I have said what I think, what I feel without any hesitation and without any defense. At the end of the program I received many messages of gratitude, which made me happy. Indeed, sometimes it takes very little to soothe a soul. While I was speaking, my children, watching television, were smiling listening, for the umpteenth time, to topics I often tackle while we are eating, when their being so young and hungry leaves way to my talkativeness, and they are obliged to listen to me, to the point that, over the time, I have earned the name of would-be preacher. Let them laugh; for my part, I am happy for having convinced them that life is a gift, a singular and unique experience, of which not even a single moment should be wasted. Also Don Davide Banzato, a dear friend of mine, has taken part in this TV program, as a representative of “New Horizons”, the first of the very many reception centers founded by Chiara Amirante, that I am urging you to follow at least on the Internet. So, I am glad of this day that I have spent entirely at home, something that I happen very rarely. In a few hours, in fact, I will be leaving for Naples and from there, for Europe, before flying once again over the ocean to be in New York on December 1st. I know that many people are waiting for me, to listen to my voice; I hope that I will be able to give the best of myself, to shake many hands and reciprocate the presence, the sacrifices of all, with my singing full of the passion that has characterized, so far, all my performances. A sincere THANK YOU to all those who will read this page, where I hope I will be able to write once again very soon. Andrea Bocelli

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