Dear friends near and far, It is a long time since I have written to you on my website and I am very sorry for this. I wish I had a closer relationship with you, who are my strength and the first reason for my singing adventures all around the world. As you all use a Pc, it will be sufficient for you to have a look on the Internet to see that the spare time I have is very little. When I have a few days of freedom I am so tired that I lock myself at home and try to recharge my batteries with a book or with some of my friends who come over to keep me company. This does not happen very frequently, because if I am not somewhere around there is always something to study or to improve.

In these months for instance I have worked a lot on the role of Des Grieux in Manon Lescaut and finally the project has been carried out. This is why I am writing from Valencia in Spain, where I am about to conclude the recording of this marvelous opera. I am doing it because I would be happy to share it with you all, because for me it has really been an artistic adventure. Manon Lescaut is one of the most beautiful and complex opera of Giacomo Puccini’s. There are very powerful pages where passion, voice and emotional involvement are requested. The role of Manon has been played by Anna Maria Martinez, who many of you will remember having seen and listened to by my side in many concerts among which I cannot forget Central Park in New York. The direction has been entrusted to Maestro Plácido Domingo, a superior singer, who has played many times the role of Des Grieux in this Opera. The friendly atmosphere, the beauty of the music that has no equal, the presence of colleagues dear to me have made this adventure really unforgettable. Even luck if you want to believe in luck, has played its part giving me a good vocal condition. I hope with all my heart that you will have the opportunity to listen to this new work of mine, whose staging has cost to me, and to all those who have participated, great commitment and effort To sing this yearning love story, all my life experiences have been useful, because how can you sing love without having been in love, how can you sing passion if you have not experienced the pangs of love, how can you identify yourself in a personal drama if you have not experienced it firsthand!!! I would like to thank Maestro Domingo for the energy and the, almost teenage, enthusiasm he showed in facing this project, Virginio Fedeli who worked night and day with admirable zeal in order to realize this project so difficult to carry out, Veronica who has encouraged me since the very first day giving me precious advice and useful hints, Carlo Bernini and Eugene Kohn, for the fundamental help they gave me during the period of study and refinement of this difficult score. From now on I would like to thank all those who want to share with me the emotion of this masterpiece by the great Tuscan Composer. I do not have enough words to thank all the fans who will let me enter their home in the role of Des Grieux, to let my voice resonate between their home walls, my voice that in this beautiful Auditorium of Valencia, designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, has again given life and character to the Cavalier Des Grieux, who being hopelessly in love with Manon passionately sings: “Donna non vidi mai simile a questa”. And who later won by grief and despair, imploring will cry: “Pazzo son! Guardate, pazzo son! Guardate com’io piango e imploro!!!!!”. If I am able to get a shiver, or a tear of emotion out of you, then with my heart full of joy and gratitude I will be able to say “Mission accomplished”.

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