Dear Friends,

from the wonderful city of Miami, where I am at the moment, to spend with part of my family, a few days of rest, I would like to thank with the whole of my heart, all those who have crowded the five venues where I have sung, in this American end of year tour. Your affection, your cheers, and the overwhelming sound of your voices have given me a positive energy which will last for long. Many of you do not know that your applause mingled with the one of my little Virginia, who was standing, glued to the stairs leading to the stage. Every time I descended the steps, she would take my hand with her little hand, and I could hear her little voice cry out: ‘Congratulations daddy’! What else could a man ask from life? This man can only thank; and he is thanking in fact to be the recipient of so much affection. To be loved, this is the only thing that matters in life. Everything else is nonsense; all the rest is, at most, the means, more or less valid, to reach such aim. THANKS!

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