Dear diary,

I realize that I have neglected you very much, but if you only knew how many things I have had to do, and how many I should have told you. There would have not been the time.

Suffice it to say that tonight has ended the week of events, organized thanks to more than one year of work, by Celebrity Fight Night Foundation with the support and help of the Foundation that bears my name.

What has been done is now more or less in the public domain, but newspapers and TV do not know how many efforts, how many anxieties, how many doubts, how many never ending discussions, sleepless nights, how many holidays have been necessary to cultivate the hope of transforming the tears of many hopeless children, in smiles filled with renewed zest of life!!!

In our wonderful country everything is difficult. In short I would say that it is difficult to do things, because to take a step, you have to overcome a thousand obstacles of legal and bureaucratic nature. You feel as if you were driving with the hand-brake on.

But this is not the time to complain, it is rather the one of sharing with many people of good will, the joy of having accomplished a task that since the beginning has seemed to be something exceeding our poor efforts.

Soon many unfortunate children, left to their sad fate, will have a school and above all a full tummy, a ball to play with, books to start dreaming of a future similar to the one of our children. They will be able to read and write and, therefore, will be able to defend their right to a peaceful life.

Someone will say that it is a drop, a single drop of pure water in the ocean, but if everybody does something, drop after drop, it will be possible to purify this ocean and it will be beautiful, wonderful indeed, for everyone, as Mother Teresa used to say, be able to mirror ourselves in that deep blue sea!!!

I am a bit tired, my dear diary, and in a few hours I am leaving for New Zealand, just an ordinary trip…, but the power of a good action is such that, may be, I will not even feel the fatigue of this upcoming adventure.

I want also to entrust to your pages a few words concerning Veronica, the heroic companion of my life. I would have never thought her able to fight so hard a battle to win. Her perseverance, her willpower have really surprised me. Those little haggard faces, those eyes marked by pain, by the sight of so many tragedies, their little bodies weakened by hunger and thirst of love must have deeply impressed her, when with my son Amos she went to Haiti; only this way you can explain so much zeal and so much sacrifice in a young mother. 

I know that Goodness produces other Goodness, and I know therefore that the hours she has subtracted to her little Virginia, to me, and to the rest of the family will bring her joy and great satisfaction.

Well done Veronica! Well done you all! You who have walked together, starting from the President of ABF Laura Biancalani, and going on with Alberto, my brother, who has always cared about the thousand problems I leave him to solve, and then all those who have been working since day one and who are too many to be mentioned one by one. 

I want to thank also my two sons Amos and Matteo, who have supported, encouraged, and often accepted the void caused by too many engagements.

…If I told that in a short while I am going to rest in Australia, I think nobody would ever believe me, perfectly knowing that I will have to face days of flight and concerts across the world, and instead I think of it as a time of rest.

Now I have to try to sleep a couple of hours, but I will be back to you, dear diary, as soon as I can.

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