Dearest Friends, Some of you may be wondering about the purpose of a personal diary on the new website, even without daily additions to the diary! The goal is not to present an egocentric dialogue of my daily life, of my trips, or of my intense private life.  That would be the most boring thing I could possibly offer you, since my free time is passed in the most normal and unremarkable way imaginable. Instead, the diary is meant to to be an instrument through which I’m hoping we’ll be able to share thoughts, feelings, reflections;  anything that could be meaningful in bringing us closer together. Today’s world is dominated by images, and through those images we send and receive messages.  We risk a gradual loss of ability to express ourselves through words, and even worse, losing the ability to listen in silence. My new diary, fashioned obviously from words, represents (to me at least) a special opportunity to communicate with each of you, until such time as a concert, or some other special occasion, presents the opportunity for our meeting in person. Many of you will remember that I began, some time ago, uploading my thoughts on this site.  It seemed to me then, and still seems so today, a good practise that I’d like to expand further through the means of this diary, in the hope you may enjoy it! A warmest greeting to all,

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