Holy Father,Today it is even sweeter for me to address you, not only in the silence of prayer, as I often do, but through this shared diary. It is sweet for me to start this simple writing with simple words that, beyond any label, express the precise definition of what you are for all of […]

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I love to think of him up there, generous, strong, fighting, like he always did, for a better world.The news of the loss of Muhammad Ali leaves me and my family shocked and deeply grieved. With his death, we lose a real hero, a universal icon of courage and civil engagement, one of the crucial […]

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Dear friends,I am writing from the plane that is bringing me back home, where I will hug my sons Amos and Matteo, where my relatives and close friends are waiting for me, but also my beloved horses and the flavors and aromas of the Marian month, a time in Italy when nature is rejoicing, in […]

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Dear friends, right tonight, on Valentine’s Day, my short American tour has ended. As I had already said on this very special page, I have shared with my audience the song ‘Autumn’, which I have studied for this very special occasion, as, in my opinion, it is a wonderful love poem sung on an equally […]

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Dear Friends,Winter does not forgive, not even when it seems mild, like this year; that’s why this morning I woke up totally voiceless. Today it is a windy and quite cold day. Fortunately, as usual, there is music to lift our souls. Housebound, I have started surfing the net and I have fished out a […]

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Dalla mia bella Toscana, giunga a tutti voi il mio più sincero e sentito augurio di Buon Natale. Che sia un giorno pieno di Pace e Serenità per tutti voi. Pace e Serenità: sono le sole cose che vorrei fossero sotto l’albero di ciascuno di voi e sotto il mio. Un grande abbraccio.

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Dear Friends all over the world, also this year, God willing, we are close to Christmas season. To all those who are reading, to those who have the kindness to listen to my music and share the challenges of the Foundation that bears my name, I would like to send my sincere gratitude and the […]

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Dear Friends,from the wonderful city of Miami, where I am at the moment, to spend with part of my family, a few days of rest, I would like to thank with the whole of my heart, all those who have crowded the five venues where I have sung, in this American end of year tour. […]

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These are difficult days, fraught with tension, concerns, but also full of resolutions. In this climate I have decided to release a TV interview on my personal spiritual path; the path that has led me to believe in the One who made the world. I know, through my personal experience, that this confidence, this belief, […]

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Sometimes I wonder where we will end up.No doubt, the powerful communication devices are more and more efficient, amazing and essential; they help connecting people, reducing distances and this is simply miraculous. Unfortunately, at the same time, they create distance between the ones that are close, living under the same roof, traveling in the same […]

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Given back to its rural landscape, that magic space dedicated to silence, has returned to the silence of the open countryside as of today.It is even difficult to think of what has witnessed – of the alchemy it has spread all around – this valley among the rolling hills surrounding my little Lajatico: and yet, […]

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Dear diary,I am about to leave once again, this time for Asia; many hours of flight, two concerts and then I will fly back to Italy, just in time to rush to Milan for the great opening concert of the Expo.It is a very intense period of work: a few days ago I finished the […]

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 Dear Friends,I am back to you after a very long time, for Easter greetings, but I am doing it with a special feeling in my heart, that is due to the extremely strong human experience I have just gone through in Haiti, right in these days.What I have seen and lived in that place cannot […]

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Dear diary,I am back asking for shelter, while I am again above the clouds lulled by the constant noise of the airplane: a buzz that punctually accompanies this travelling of mine around the world, this strange sort of accelerated pace, written in my destiny and to which I am, apparently, accustomed (but that, when I […]

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Dear diary,I am back to you once again; I am here to ask for shelter. To you, to my discreet confidant who knows how to listen and how to be a messenger, I want to reveal my state of mind and fix some thoughts, right now that Christmas Day, the most beautiful day of the […]

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Dear Diary, How I’ve neglected you! Partly because, as you surely know, I’d never want to fill your pages with daily trivia, and therefore I try to reserve my entries for those very special moments I feel are worthy of note. This time, however, I’m here for the purpose of a little confession:  You know how the […]

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Dear diary, I realize that I have neglected you very much, but if you only knew how many things I have had to do, and how many I should have told you. There would have not been the time. Suffice it to say that tonight has ended the week of events, organized thanks to more than […]

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Dear friends, This year, in Italy, in addition to the warmth of the last summer weeks and to the approaching of the grape harvest, the month of September will have in store a great event that will warm many hearts, a complex and ambitious project related to solidarity which we are excitedly and happily looking […]

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 I have just met an extraordinary person: Gillo Dorfles, an internationally respected intellectual of the last century whose highly interesting book, entitled “Dal significato alle scelte”, I read years ago. Gillo is now 104 years old, and he carries those years splendidly. In spite of the passage of time he is still driving his own […]

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Dearest Friends, Some of you may be wondering about the purpose of a personal diary on the new website, even without daily additions to the diary! The goal is not to present an egocentric dialogue of my daily life, of my trips, or of my intense private life.  That would be the most boring thing […]

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Dear friends near and far,In a few days the new version of my site will be uploaded. I hope it will meet with your approval and will be the tool that will reinforce the feeling of gratitude and friendship that binds me to you.To this end I have had something new introduced, it is a […]

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It is late at night and I am here in the silence of my room, while my thoughts are wandering without any limit of space or time, through the moments I want to store in the rooms of my mind, so that my heart can feed on them every time it feels the need. So […]

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Dear friends near and far, It is a long time since I have written to you on my website and I am very sorry for this. I wish I had a closer relationship with you, who are my strength and the first reason for my singing adventures all around the world. As you all use […]

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