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12 months with Andrea Bocelli in his new 2015 calendar

He is the most beloved and acclaimed tenor in the world. He is the artist of Records; he is the most prestigious witness of Italian culture in the world. He is already a legend, sealed by the Hollywood star that shines in his honor. He is one of the great positive myths of the third millennium. He is a simple man and it is nice to have him for friend. He is Andrea Bocelli.

If a memory is a way to meet, this sort of extraordinary images that mark the New Year will be a privileged way to witness a very special relationship. To show the joy of a friendship, with a voice that is dear to you and that is part of the sound track of your life.

They are moments, impressions from recent adventures, (in music, in philanthropy, in the warmth of the family), to spend the entire 2015 together. It is a family album, affectionately intimate, even when surrounded by enormous crowds, because Andrea speaks to the heart of each, and of each he is a fellow citizen. 

Smiling and happy images, leafing through the pages of the calendar: Andrea and his piano while he is singing the “Forza del sorriso” which will be the EXPO hymn, then in the role of Turiddu on stage in the Teatro del Silenzio, then in the heart of Florence the cradle of the Renaissance at the Gala closing the first edition of the Italian Celebrity Fight Night, then relaxing with his beloved guitar, then along the canals of Venice next to Veronica, then with his family in his beautiful Tuscan house, then at table with George Clooney, then in the recording studio with his friend Maestro Domingo…

All this and much more, in an exclusive object, whose exterior beauty offers and suggests, every month, the beauty of a personal encounter, the one between you and one of the most significant artists of our times: Andrea, his music, the strong message of optimism that he embodies, his values (your values).

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